August 7, 2020

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    5 mins chocolate cake recipe without-oven.

I know that many of you don’t have an oven so today we’re gonna make this amazing chocolate cake so for that no oven required also I know many of you are just starting to bake during this lockdown so this is the perfect cake for you it’s a one bowl recipe and it only takes five minutes to make okay so we’re going to serve together the flour cocoapowder and baking powder this recipe comes together so easily there’s no creaming and it’s a One Bowl recipe I really wanted this to be a cake anyone can make no matter how little experience you have when it comes to making a cake most of us on lockdown at the moment and I feel everybody’s becoming a baker these days and this is definitely a cake you need to make I’ve added the sugar and you want to give these ingredients a good toss.

Now add the oil and the hot water the hot water will bloom the cocoa powder intensifying it’s delicious chocolate flavor you want to mix this well you may have to switch to whisk to dissolve the lumps and you’ll notice this batter is quite runny and loose it’s perfect that’s how we want it to be now I’m going to show you a few options that will work as your cake tin anything that you can pop in the microwave works you can use a microwave safe Bowl an oven dish a deep dish as long as it cango in the microwave you can use it as your mold I’m using this container Ihave lined the bottom with some parchment paper and you want to make sure you greased and floured the sides as well now let’s talk about cookingtime the cooking time will depend not only on your microwave but also on themold you decide to use it will depend on the size of your mold and also what material your bowl or container is made out of now I feel this needs to be sad because a lot of people worry about opening the door before the cake is finished cooking as you can see nothing happens to the cake mine was still jiggly and raw in the middle so I just popped it back in I cooked mine in total for 5 minutes using a nine-inch mold like I said keep an eye on it if after 3 minutes it’s not done just leave it longer you’ll knowit’s ready when the top will be springy and if you insert a toothpick in the center of the cake it will come out click allow the cake to cool in the mold for about 5 minutes use a spatula to release the sides ofthe cake from the pan and you’re going to turn it over onto a rack or cuttingboard how good does that look you would think that was made with a traditional cake pan now the bottom will be kind of wonky looking but that’s okay because we’re going to flip it over again once it has cooled that way wehave a nice flat even top and it’s easier you know to frost now you can use whatever frosting you want, frosting it’s easy it’s fast and it’s delicious, we’re going to immediately cut into this cake I have to show you how incredibly moist and soft this cake is they crumb on this cake i absolutely melt in your mouth you will be amazed how good of a result you can get by baking a cake well not baking by making a cake in the microwave we made a cake in five minutes no oven required and no fuss and it’s delicious and moist and chocolaty if you are a beginner lockdown baker you have to make this cake.