August 7, 2020

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Australia Migration Points Calculation | How to Maximise Your Point

Hi All, Welcome back to my blog today I will provide you a step-by-step guide on how to calculate your points for Australian PR application so in this blog you will see all the details of how to complete your point calculation within 5 minutes I have also summarized some useful tips on how you can maximize your points in order to secure a higher chance of getting invited to apply for Australian PR.

First to calculate your points there is a free website provided by Australian Government simply Google search point calculator Australia and then click into the first search result displayed now you are in the point calculator website, this website has the list of all the visa options applicable for point calculation choose the visa type you want to apply and then scroll down to answer all the criteria related questions.

Now choose which range of age you belong to and next choose your English level based on your English test results there are several options in the list completed English Proficient English or superior English, if suppose you click on proficient English for example then it will show you all the corresponding result from each of the accepted English test if you change to superior English search then it will show you how much minimum score you have to achieve in English test in order to obtain the superior English level now let’s move back to the point calculation page once you have improved your English level you can proceed to the next question the next question is how many years of overseas your employment experience you have please notice that for some occupations the number of years of valid skilled employment will only start being counted after the skill level requirements met date which could be two to three years after the start date of your first relevant employment for example if you’re working IT you can only start counting the years of your valid work experience two years after the start date of your first relevant job the documents of all the details for such requirements can be found in the skill assessments Authority’s official website so please make sure that you have considered such information before you make the right choice for the overseas skilled employment years the next question is the number of years of your Australian skilled employment experience if you never had any work experience in Australia just simply choose less than one year scrolling down to the next question is about the highest educational qualification that you have earned the options include diploma bachelor and toddler degree simply choose it based on your own situation moving on to the next question you have at least one degree diploma or trade qualification from an Australian educational institution that meets the Australian study requirement the Australian study requirement here means that you have completed at least two years of study from an Australian educational institution for any of these qualifications so if you haven’t started for at least two years for any of this qualification in Australia select no next specialist education qualification similar to the previous question if you have never completed this kind of qualification in Australia select no for credentialed community language ifyou have ever been accredited by the NAAT translation community here in Australia as a certified translator then select yes otherwise select no next question studying in regional Australia if you have ever studied for degree in regional area of Australia for at least two years then select yes otherwise select no the second last question is partner skills if you have a partner you can select from the list based on your partner’s English skills as well as whether he or she has also met the skill assessment criteria for Australian skilled migration otherwise select the option that you are single the very last question did you ever complete a professional year in Australia if we have never done that select no so now you have completed all the questions based on your input the website will do the calculation and display the points you earned for each of these factors as a result in this example the total points are earned is 70 which is higher than the minimum points requirement of 65 this indicates that I am in leachable for the visa type I chose to apply and that is all about how to calculate your point for your eligibility check as easy as it sounds getting a total points of 65 doesn’t guarantee you an invitation for PR due to the high volume of application received these years as well as the limited demand the actual minimum total points required to get an invitation has been risen to a level that is much higher than 65 in fact according to the official data published by Australian government during the recent invitation runs the invites were only sent to applicant with 85 points or higher indicated in their EOI therefore to secure a higher chance of being invited you have to try whatever you can to get as many points as possible for each criteria and here are some of the tips I have summarized for you tip 1 consider different visa options to apply as you see earlier in this video there are multiple types of skilled migration visas among those visas only 189 visa invitation is purely based on the total points of applicants while190 and 491 visas might consider other factors such as your English level and work experiences more important than your points in addition you will get an extra 5 or 15 points if you choose to apply these two visas and therefore become much more competitive among all other applicants of course there are certain conditions included in these visas we have tofollow such as that you have to live in the sponsors states or regional are a for a number of years however if you have no problem with those additional conditions then try applying these visas and it might get you the invitation much faster than you expected tip 2 try different English tests of course when it comes to English test most people will first think about IELTS and TOEFL but they are not the only tests accepted by the Australian government in fact there are currently five different English test you can take Australian migration each of them have very different test taking approaches different formats and different methods of evaluation which could actually make a huge difference on your testing result if you choose the English test that suits you the best taking speaking test as an example if you feel that you are more comfortable speaking in microphone rather thanspeaking to a real person face-to-face then your speaking test result could be significantly improved if you choose to take PTE test instead of IELTS I will try to write another blog soon to analyze all the differences between these English tests so that you can make the best decision on which one to take tip number 3 check additional qualifications in addition to those common factors such as your English level and work experience there are some qualifications that could easily guarantee you an extra five points and you might find these qualifications not so difficult to achieve at all as we saw earlier one of the factors used in the points calculation system is credentialed community language qualifications to be credentialed in your community language you can simply go to take a test and get certified for interpreting or translating by the national a credential authority of translators and interpreters so if you are confident about your skills in translating between English and your native language then why not give it a try another example is taking the professional year this requires you to complete one year of professional study in Australia in accounting ICT computing or engineering the professional here needs to be your nominated occupation or closely related occupation and needs to be completed over a period of at least 12 months in Australia within the four years before you are invited to apply for visa it also needs to be provided by one of the organisations appointed by the Australian Government so these are the tips of maximising your points and help you to stand a much better chance for your Australian PR application remember there are millions of people from all over the world applying for Australian permanent residency every single year therefore even five additional points can give you a much better shot so don’t hesitate and start trying now thank you for reading this Article. If you would like to know more about Australia immigration, you can visit their website by clicking here.